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What We Offer

As stated on our About Us Page, we are a full service luxury property management company specializing in the Thailand real estate market. We seek out high quality properties in ideal locations that offer exceptional quality and value for our guests to guarantee that they have their dream vacation. 

Our team is comprised of both Western and Thai staff, which includes our management, office, and on-site workers.

If you partner with us, we have the capacity to handle every single logistical detail of managing your property. Because we are obsessed with quality, we will work with you to ensure that your home meets our rigorous standard prior to adding it to our portfolio. In short, we will assess your home and provide you with some feedback. Then, if both sides see an opportunity to work together, we will manage all day-to-day operations. Our rates vary depending on several factors, but you can be assured that they are competitive and in-line with the market. 
Contact us to set up an appraisal appointment or to inquire about further details.

What We Are Looking For

True to our name, the homes we add to our portfolio are typically nestled amongst natural surroundings. We believe that being close to nature has a profound effect on the mind and the body and that it adds to the overall experience of our guests. We love the ocean, the mountains, lakes, rice patties and any other natural environments. Beyond the location, the homes we add to our portfolio should also contain a wide array of amenities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up an appraisal appointment. We look forward to hearing from you